What You Need to Know About Hydroseeding

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What is Idaho Falls Hydroseeding?

heyrend way landscaping servicesHydroseeding is a process where seed, mulch, and soil are mixed and placed on areas to be seeded.

The mixture of seed, mulch, and soil is then spray-applied onto an area that has been previously cleared to ensure good coverage.

This benefits your home or business because it can provide more for your money long-term in turf maintenance than other options like sod or seeds would be able to do over time.

You can also get that instant green lawn you’ve always wanted with this Idaho Falls service.

How Does Hydroseeding Work?

The way hydroseeding in Idaho Falls works is by using a machine typically referred to as a hydroseeder which applies the mix of mulch, fertilizer, and seed to the area in need of seeding.

omni dr idaho landscaping services This is a service that Idaho Falls residents can count on for a green, natural-looking lawn during the spring, summer, and even into the fall.

The hydroseeder is made up of a tank that holds the necessary ingredients, and an apparatus by which those ingredients are dispensed. The seeding service process begins with initial site preparation for hydroseeding services.

Herbicides or pesticides can also be applied to prevent weeds and other vegetation.

american yards / lawns landscaping companyOur Idaho Falls hydroseeding services will apply the seeding machine to dispense a mulch, soil, and grass seed combination onto your soil that has been leveled by our professionals.

This hydroseed service is great for preventing erosion during construction projects as well as stabilizing lots if you are looking for a more natural look than backyard sodding can provide.

How Hydroseeding Can Help Your Idaho Falls Lawn

Hydroseeding in Idaho Falls is great for homeowners and businesses looking to improve their landscaping, as well as those who are looking for a realistic alternative to sodding.

With this service you will be able to achieve even coverage for your entire lawn, preventing bare areas.

Another benefit is that this Idaho Falls hydroseeding includes no tilling, which makes it an ideal alternative to sod.

loose fill bonded fiber matrixIf you are like most local homeowners, you know that sodding is a time-consuming and labor-intensive project. Hydroseeding in Idaho Falls is also an easier alternative to planting—it will save you both the time and effort of having to go out to your yard every day for maintenance while the seeds germinate and attach to the ground.

This service can also help prevent future grass problems such as disease infestation or crabgrass from occurring in your garden area because it incorporates only pure seeds in its mix. It takes roughly three weeks for these seeds to germinate after they have been laid down by our technicians.

Why Hydroseeding Is Good For Your Idaho Falls Home Value

It is important to not only properly care for your yard but to also keep in mind that the right landscaping can improve the value of your home. It matches the exuberance of any house and makes you proud every time you see it.

edwards dr servicesThe service will not only give you the lush, green grass but will provide additional benefits such as:
  • Lower water consumption in areas where water restrictions are in place or you don’t know how much water is needed;
  • No need to mow or weed at all during this period (you might have other projects that require more attention rather than wasting the energy on something less demanding);
  • Prolonged life expectancy of your grass depending on how well maintained it is;
  • Hydroseeding will keep the weeds to a minimum while providing nutrients to the environment and hold moisture in so that your grass keeps its fresh appearance.

How Hydroseeding Can Help Your Business

Hydroseeding applications and services can help your business in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, it will give you an eye-catching curb appeal that makes the first impression stick with the customers walking past your store. 

The benefits don’t end there!

holmes ave servicesA newly hydroseeded lawn has also been shown to have a longer life expectancy for vegetation planted and gives you an opportunity to focus on your business, rather than trying to keep up on the lawn in front of it.

Hydroseeding will help your business look fresh and green so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time as a small business owner on the lawn.

A lush green landscape enhances property value, adds curb appeal, and with effective maintenance, can help set you above the competition.


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