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Spring Falls Landscaping provides the most comprehensive and effective landscaping services and lawn services in South East Idaho with quality top priority.

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Mowing & Mulching

Spring Falls offers both residential and commercial mowing and quality lawn care. Our day lawn mowing service includes trimming, edging, and blowing. We trim edges along the foundation of your home or office, fence lines, trees, flower beds, sidewalks, and curbs. Our powerful blowers add the finishing touch by removing debris from the hard surfaces around your landscape.

Mowing Frequency

Frequent mowing helps a lawn resist weeds, insects, and disease. Infrequent mowing causes too much grass to be removed at one time. It also causes a lawn to look thin, spotty or burnt. As a general rule we never cut more than one third of the length of your grass at a time.

We Offer 2 Residential Mowing Plans

  1. Weekly mowing from April 1st thru November 30th*
  2. Mowing every two weeks from March 1st thru November 30th*

* Start and stop dates may vary according to weather conditions.

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Weeding & Pruning

Pruning and weeding is an essential part of landscape maintenance. We offer several different plans for both of these areas.

Weeding Plan

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Twice a season

We have found that most clients prefer weekly weeding. You’d be surprised how fast weeds grow!

Pruning Plan Options

  • Pruning every month
  • Twice a season
  • Once a season
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Drainage Systems

Proper drainage is a critical part of your landscape. We offer a full range of drainage options such as:

  • Down spout piping and drainage.
  • French drains.
  • Slotted/perforated drains.
  • Catch basins and channel drains.
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Aeration, Power Raking & Overseeding


The causes and control of thatch in lawns is often misunderstood. Thatch is a dead layer of living and dead organic matter that occurs between green matter and the soil surface. Excessive thatch creates a good environment for pests, diseases, and poor growing conditions. Despite popular belief, short clippings dropped on the lawn after mowing are NOT THE CAUSE OF THATCH BUILDUP! Assuming lawns are mowed on a regular basis (not removing more than one-third of the leaf blade) clippings returned to the lawn will break down rapidly due to their high water content. Aeration also helps the soil drain better and relieves compacted soil. If you are not on a maintenance program with Spring Falls Landscaping, and you think that you may have a problem, please call for an appointment and we will be happy to look at your lawn and give you some solutions.

Power Raking

Power Raking is a process that removes the tightly interwoven layer of dead and living tissue existing between green vegetation and soil surface. Thatch harbors disease organisms and insects making the lawn more susceptible to damage from disease and drought.


Overseeding is the process of planting seed on bare spots and spotty lawns after aeration or power raking, highly recommended!!

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Shrub & Tree Service

Spring Falls Landscaping tree and shrub care will control insects and disease in your woody plants while providing the nutrients your plants need.

Our program has proven to be successful. Unlock your landscape potential from pests by signing up for our program.

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High Quality Landscape Maintenance Idaho Falls Residents Can Rely On

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Need high quality landscaping services in Idaho Falls? Need a lawn care company you can rely on? Our landscaping crew is available for both commercial and residential properties. We offer a wide array of landscaping services including landscape maintenance, hardscape installation, plant selection, irrigation installation/repair/replacement, garden design and installation, landscape installation, organic lawn care solutions, snow removal and other landscaping services.

Our services are customizable to your needs so don’t hesitate to inquire about something not listed! We will go over your landscaping needs and custom design a plan just for you.

Why Choose Us for Yard Maintenance & Landscape Design?

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The main reason to choose us over other lawn care companies is because we take pride in providing high quality service. We believe it’s essential to provide not only a service but an experience for all of our customers.

If you need any type of landscaping or lawn maintenance done, we can help! Whether it’s weed control, advanced yard maintenance, or sprinkler system installation, our knowledgeable and experienced team members will work closely with you to ensure that the job gets done right and within your budget. Plus, we’ll always be transparent about what type of services we’re providing and how much those services cost. We offer free estimates on all of our work.