Idaho Falls Tree Nursery

A tree nursery is a place where trees are cultivated under artificial conditions with the aim of planting them out in a forest or other natural area for commercial purposes. It’s also a place like our nursery at Spring Falls Landscaping where trees are grown for residential homes as well.

For commercial and residential trees, we provide a wide selection.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your yard, trees are a great choice.

Beyond the aesthetic boost they give to your yard, trees can provide privacy and block noise from roads and adjacent properties. They will create shade if they are placed correctly which makes them ideal for patios and play areas for children. Trees also offer visual interest to your yard by providing different textures, shapes, colors, and fall color changes in the autumn months.

We have plenty of trees, shrubs and other plants for your yard.

Our staff is knowledgeable and can help you choose the right trees for the conditions of your yard as well as provide advice on best planting locations.

We have a wide variety of trees from which to choose, including fruit and nut producing varieties, shade trees, evergreen trees and deciduous trees for all climates.

We have plenty of other high quality plants for your yard. Besides trees, we also provide shrubs and other plants for our customers.

In addition to providing many types of plants for your yard, we also have fertilizer available so that you can get your garden up and running quickly this year, as well as fertilization services—let us do the dirty work for you! We have several different types of fertilizer to meet the needs of different vegetables and flowers so you can find what you need here at our Idaho Falls tree nursery !

Serving greater Eastern Idaho—for more information about our selection or our services, give us a call!

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