How To Safely Remove Snow from Your Roof

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flat roofs prevent ice damsIn the winter, consistent snow removal is very important because snow tends to melt and then re-freeze, causing ice dams to build on the roof.

These ice dams can cause water to build up on your roof, leading to internal home flooding which can cause serious damage inside your home.

Roof snow removal is dangerous work. That said, all homeowners should remove snow from their roofs regularly during the winter months so they don’t end up with too much snow, but you need to be smart about it and do the job safely—roof snow removal is one of the most common causes of worker injury.

Roofs are slippery surfaces that are steep or have edges where one could fall or even get struck by falling objects if they are not careful. Roofs are especially dangerous when wet and icy—especially with wet snow (dry snow is easier to remove)—so you should never climb up on a wet roof without preparing it first!

Preparations for Roof Snow Removal

Always dress warmly in layers with wicking materials so you don’t become sweaty while removing snow from your roof.

Be sure to wear gloves and boots that will give you traction and prevent you from slipping.

Remember: roofs can be steep, and some are steeper than others. If your roof is particularly steep or has some steep areas then you should probably get someone to help you.

Snow Removal

wet snow weighs a lotYou need to know just how much snow you’ll be removing and prepare accordingly. Removing rooftop snow drifts is no easy task and shoveling snow is hard work.

If you can, use a snow rake instead of shoveling the snow off. Roof rakes are special tools that work like rakes on the ground, but better because they fit flat against your roof and remove snow easily. Roof rakes are available in many hardware stores and they usually cost between $20 – $40.

If the snow is too heavy and you know your roof rake won’t work, metal shovels or snow spades are good ways to remove the snow.

Always be aware of where the snow will land when you’re removing it. Cover objects in your yard with a tarp or sheet so that when snow falls, the falling snow won’t be too much trouble to clean up.

Preventing Water Damage from Snow

Another thing you can do is to make sure that your gutters are clean, so that when the snow melts off of the roof it doesn’t end up flooding over your gutters and into your home.

If there’s an ice dam on top of your house, don’t attempt to remove it yourself because this might cause more damage. Ice dams are created when snow melts off of the roof but re-freezes before it ever reaches the ground. This forms a large mass which can be very heavy, and trying to remove it yourself runs the risk of ripping up your roof and external housing material like your shingles and gutters.

Removing excess snow on a consistent basis and preventing snow accumulating on your roof is a great way to prevent ice dams from forming and prevent structural damage to your home.

Calling the Professionals is Usually the Wisest Option

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Roof snow removal can be dangerous, so you might want to leave this one up to the professionals. Our technicians at Spring Falls Landscaping provide the Idaho Falls snow removal services you need. We’ll take care of the hard work so you don’t have to.

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