Landscaping Design Made Easy

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Planning your landscaping design can be an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be. One way to make it more manageable is to break it up into smaller, individual ideas. Continue reading for some tips to make your landscaping design easier. In addition, you can learn more about the Principles Of Landscape Design.

Easy Landscaping Design Ideas

Going for a bold look? Try planting some big swaths of the same plant. Then you can contrast it by planting something of a different color next to it. Using multiple colors together is much more effective than one on its own.

  • Islands can work. The majority of people have all of their plants and flower beds on the edges of the property with open space in the center. Try something different. Put an island in the inside instead of along your borders. You can even throw in some extra features with the island — like making it higher or creating a cool pathway to get to it.
  • Do the math. In school, geometry is no fun, right? But in landscaping design … bring it on! Geometry can be the key to creating a cutting-edge landscape. Using a good combination of lines, shapes, and angles can really add to your final result.
  • Experiment with plants. Some plants can be versatile. A little creative pruning a couple of times a year can take something like a shrub from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it is grass, trees, or something else — plants are frequently the dominating feature of the landscape.
  • Use multi-purpose plants. This can be very helpful if you are working with a limited amount of space. Here’s an example of how you could do this. Use an apple tree that will give you some privacy from your neighbors, give you fruit to eat, and it will also be a pretty backdrop for your other landscaping design features.
  • Try mixing materials. For instance, a section of grass becomes much more interesting if you incorporate, say, a stone walk path. Your landscaping ideas will be more interesting when you use multiple materials to create paths, patios, or anything else. This can be quite a contrast that looks amazing.
  • Be a tree hugger. No, not like that. Show your trees and shrubs some love. These plants tend to be forgotten sometimes, but they can make a real impact when you use them in the right way.
  • Green, green, and more green. There are several shades of green that you can combine for a great look. For example, try putting in some bright green and combine it with a dark green or blue-green to make a nice pair.
  • Use container gardens. Step away from what the typical gardeners do and try using container gardens in your beds and borders. This a super-easy way to add to your landscaping design. In addition, you can move them around to keep things fresh.
  • Texture. In the realm, the texture is referring to the surface quality of the size and shape of plants in comparison to the other plants around it. There is more to your garden than just color. Add a layer to make it more interesting. Coarse foliage combined with fine foliage can create some spectacular looks.
  • Use dividers. Using a fence or hedge is a great way to divide the space into sections. Then you can make each section with a different look.
  • Start with putting a border around your flower beds. This looks great and is easy to do as well as being inexpensive.
  • Don’t just throw down one of everything. Use repetition. It matters in a good overall design. Repeat the same colors, plants, or shapes to produce symmetry and balance.

Why Choose Spring Falls?

In conclusion, your landscaping design for your property is an expression of yourself through the use of vegetation, colors, and architectural and structural embellishments. Spring Falls Landscaping can help you bring your vision to life and help you make sure that it stays that way. Whether you need a small upgrade, a complete landscaping design, or a landscape maintenance program — Spring Falls is the landscaping company for you. Contact us today to get your project started or schedule a free consultation.