Landscape Design Idaho Falls

landscape design Idaho Falls

A great Idaho Falls landscape is the result of a great landscape design. This will add beauty and value to your property. When you begin to think about your landscape design Idaho Falls, following a few landscape principles will help you create the design your are looking for. Dixie Sandborn of the Michigan State University Extension recommends following these six principles.


People are generally more comfortable in places that display a sense of balance — either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance is when one side of the landscape is a copy of the other side. Many times, you’ll find this type of landscape using patterns in walkways, gardens, the way plants are pruned, etc. This landscape format is usually very well manicured to maintain they symmetry.

Asymmetrical is more informal for landscape designers. The two sides don’t have to match. These landscapes are more free-flowing and relaxing. Using this sense of balance in your landscape design Idaho Falls will allow for the creation of something that is pleasing to look at and inviting.


The focal point is the key to a great landscape design Idaho Falls. This is what will attract the eye of the beholder. Your focal point should be the strongest element in your landscape. For example, the front door is a popular focal point of a home. In the corresponding landscape, the focal point is usually near the front door and enhances the entrance of the home. Every part of the landscape can have its own unique focal point — if you so choose. Interesting plants, bright colors and unique architectural design are a few ways to improve your landscape design Idaho Falls. As a landscape designer, let your imagination run wild with your focal points. But, keep in mind that you don’t want too many.


Keep it simple. It is a good idea to make sure that your landscape isn’t too cluttered. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some complex features. Water and lighting features can be complex and look great if you use them in the right way. Great landscapes don’t overuse colors, shapes or textures. And they’re not simplistic or boring.

Rhythm And Line

Establish a rhythm in your landscape with the repetition of something specific. It could be a plant, color or anything else you choose. You can create lines throughout your landscape design Idaho Falls with shaped planting areas, sidewalks and other hardscaping features. Using this principle is what will give you a sense of movement and draw you in.


Proportion refers to the size of an object in relation to other objects in the landscape. It is important to think about the proportion between plants and hardscapes. This includes vertical, horizontal and special relationships. Everyone, whether you are short or tall perceives space differently. Landscape design proportions can range be the size of a building, lot or plant. Or, even a wide open space and the use of your landscape.


Unity should be one of your main goals in your landscape design. The good news is that If you have followed the rest of these principles, unity will be there as well. What is unity? It is how all of the different parts of the landscape work together for the overall design. Colors, shapes, sizes, textures and other features work together to create a unified space. You’ll see that patterns and colors repeat throughout the landscape. An easy to achieve unity is to create a theme using something that you love. For example, a fan of birds could have a theme of plants that will attract birds to the landscape.

Spring Falls Landscaping

Keeping these principles in mind, at Spring Falls Landscaping, our landscape designers will help you create a visually pleasing landscape that you’ll be proud of. From the initial consultation, our creative designers begin to envision your plan. The design process begins with a conceptual design phase and then proceeds to a final design — identifying specific features, plant materials and more. Once the design is complete, the exciting transformation of your landscape takes place. Throughout the process, client involvement is encouraged to ensure that the final design reflects your ideal dream outdoor landscape. Contact us today to get your Idaho Falls landscape design started!