Yes, You Should Install Fencing

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What is the purpose of a fence? People put fencing on their property for several reasons. Here, we will take a look and several of the reasons you might want to add fencing to your property. This will help you know what you what your fence to accomplish. And, it turn, help you know what kind of fencing will be best for you.

Reasons To Install Fencing

Safety first

Probably the biggest reason people have for installing fencing is for safety. A high-quality fence will give you protection in two ways — keeping things from getting in and keeping things from getting out. For anyone who has children and/or animals, a fence is an important thing to have. You can keep them confined to your yard, preventing them from running off and getting lost. This is especially important if you live in an area near busy roads, water hazards, etc. A fence will also prevent unwanted guests from easily entering your property. You can never be too careful with loved ones and this way you can keep them away from outside dangers.

Property lines

How do you know where one piece of property ends and the next one starts? When you install fencing, you won’t have to worry about that question. Having a fence on your land will ensure that you don’t have people inadvertently trespassing and not knowing they are bothering the land owner. Or, maybe you have a not-so-friendly neighbor that doesn’t pay attention to the line separating your land. Your fence will be that clear boundary line and make it difficult for people to cross.

Weed prevention

Noxious weeds / invasive plants are one of the largest disruptors of ecosystem function. They can colonize a variety of habitats, reproduce rapidly with a variety of mechanisms, and aggressively out-compete native species. A plant is designated noxious in Idaho when it is considered to be injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife, or property. Noxious weeds can be a major problem once they get started. It doesn’t take much for weeds to spread in our area with how often the wind blows. The right kind of fence can keep most weeds from spreading and taking over your property.


If you don’t want people peering inside the windows of your home, you probably don’t want people watching what is going on in your yard either. It should be a place to relax and do what you want without worrying about what the neighbors are going to think. This is a great reason to install privacy fencing. In addition, you can also put in some trees or shrubs for even more privacy.

They look great

This is not usually the primary reason people choose to install a fence. It’s more of an added bonus that comes with it. A fence from Spring Falls Landscaping serve its purpose while looking great and adding value to your property.

Sights and sounds

Some people don’t want the neighbors to see and hear what they are doing. Others, don’t want to see and hear what their neighbors are doing. If you are part of the second group, privacy fencing or noise-buffering fencing are for you. This is great for anyone living near schools, restaurants and busy streets. Do your neighbors have ugly yards, garbage lying around or anything else you don’t want to see? No matter what it is, those unattractive sights can be avoided with the proper fencing.

When you sell

If you do end up selling your home or property, you will be able to increase your asking price. Whoever you sell the property too will be getting an improved piece of land with the many benefits a fence can provide.

Choose Spring Falls

We offer many services for property owners in the Idaho Falls area. Included in those services is vinyl and cedar fence installation for privacy or a decorative addition. Our responsibility is to clearly identify the image in your mind and translate that into reality. Do your research and you’ll see that we are the top choice for your needs. Distinguished properties throughout Southeast Idaho are coming to appreciate the services of Spring Falls Landscaping. Spring Falls Landscaping is singularly successful in transforming the ordinary property into your dreams come true! Get a free consultation today!