Spring Lawn Care

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warm season grass rootsAs the winter snow and ice finally begins to thaw and Idaho Falls residents look forward to the early spring weather, we know it’s time to start our spring lawn care services. We provide the landscape maintenance Idaho Falls residents need for spring or any other season.

These types of services help your lawn recover from the long, harsh winter; they boost grass and soil health and help restore your lawn to its fullest.

Power Raking

During the winter, a layer of dead grass, plant matter and debris known as “thatch” freezes over your lawn. It is crucial to remove this so that your lawn’s roots are not suffocated when the warmer weather arrives.

Our Idaho Falls Power Raking provides an extra punch for this issue.

Power raking is the act of using a special rake head to pull up thatch and other dead plant material in order to stimulate grass growth. This service also helps aerate your lawn by loosening the soil with hundreds of little scuffs in order to allow room for new grass growth!


Aeration is the process of puncturing the soil’s surface with small holes in order to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn.

This is often needed during the spring the winter cold and packed snow has both tightened and frozen the soil—aeration breaks up this compaction so your lawn can breathe!


grass clippingsAs leaves begin to grow and your lawn starts waking up, it needs nutrients just like any other living thing!

Our company offers a spring application of high quality fertilizer. This is done in order to balance the pH level of your soil so that it’s not too acidic or alkaline for proper plant growth! Additionally, we can apply phosphorus and potassium to increase nitrogen availability for healthy root growth before seeding. We know what materials are best for improving turf health so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right fertilizer. Learn more about our Idaho Falls lawn fertilization services.


With overseeding, we’re adding fresh grass seeds which will grow correctly thanks to the pH level of your soil being balanced. This gives you a full lawn without any bare patches. Though seeding can be done before or after aerating, we typically recommend that it be done first because if the timing is off then the grass seed could fail its germination period. Blends are used depending on your lawn’s situation and need for renovation.

Weed Control

grass bladesWhen it comes to your lawn, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than dandelions, dandelions, and more dandelions! Not to mention the other lawn weeds that Idaho Falls is known for—fortunately, we can take care of these too.

In some cases, dandelions may infest your lawn as a result of overfertilization or because the pH level of the soil has been disrupted. We can treat any affected areas with a specific treatment that will kill off those pesky weeds so you don’t have to worry about them anymore!

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