Paver Patios: Plenty Of Pros

paver patios in Idaho Falls

If you like to spend time outside then paver patios should be something you consider for your landscape design. Pavers are stones made out of concrete most of the time. We use other materials as well. The installation involves a variety of pieces that are different colors and textures that interlock to make a strong system.

With the help of Spring Falls Landscaping, paver patios can expand your living space. We can design any kind of patio to fit your needs. Not convinced yet? That’s ok. Here are some of the pros of paver patios.

Pros Of Paver Patios

  1. They are durable. Paver patios come from different materials. Naturally, each material has its own strengths and weaknesses — including how long it should last. A high-quality stone version can last for 25 years or more without even needing much maintenance. A concrete one will have a shorter lifespan and wooden paver patios are the least durable.
  2. They are strong. Especially when using the stone material. They can be twice as strong — if not more. Zigzag designs create solid interlocking. Adding the right materials in addition to the stone results in a product that will have a long life.
  3. They don’t mind the weather. Any type of outdoor landscape construction is going to have to face the elements. Especially in southeastern Idaho. Some issues that come up with exposure to the weather. Over time, the rain will penetrate into the material and weaken it. Heat can make materials expand and then cold will make them contract. During the winter months, moisture in the ground will freeze and thaw many times. This will make the ground expand and contract over and over. This is going to impact your paver patio. We design patios that withstand these issues. Being installed in a system of pieces that fit together, the parts of a paver patio can separately change with the weather but will then settle back into the proper position. This is because there are more seams across the surface. We always install paver patios properly. This prevents any potential movement.
  4. They are low maintenance. We’ll install them. You sit back and relax. Paver patios don’t require much from you after they have been properly installed by our team. You might have a piece that gets damaged and needs to be replaced. It is much easier to do so with these individual and small pieces. For example, trying to fix a problem and having to replace an entire concrete slab can become a major project. In addition, there are protective sealers that can be applied for some additional protection from the wear and tear of the environment. Apply sealers periodically if necessary.
  5. Cleaning is easy. For the most part, cleaning is just going to mean you sweep or blow any debris away. Clean spills with just some soap and water! Those rare exceptions may require stronger chemicals.
  6. You can get creative. Different materials, different sizes, different colors, and different textures. All of these elements provide you with countless design options for your paver patios. This also offers a variety of options when it comes to the budget you are working with.

Choose Spring Falls

When you are looking to have a beautiful addition to your property, a paver patio could be just the thing you are after. With all of these paver patio pros, this is a great option for any homeowner and especially in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. Before making any decisions regarding your landscaping, be sure to talk with a member of our team.

Your property is an expression of oneself through the use of flowers, trees, and architectural and structural embellishments. Not only can we help you identify your vision and turn it into reality. But we will make sure it stays that way. Whether you need a small refurbishment, complete landscape design or continued landscape maintenance — Spring Falls has the best landscapers in Idaho Falls. Contact us today to get your project started or schedule a free consultation.