Idaho Falls Snow Removal Tips

Idaho Falls snow removal

The weather in the Idaho Falls area is unpredictable. Who saw that pre-Halloween snow storm coming? And we all know, there is more snow on the way. With that in mind, here are some Idaho Falls snow removal tips for you to consider whether you plan to do it yourself or are thinking of hiring someone to do it for you.

Snow Removal Tips

  • If you have pets, remember that using salt pellets to melt your snow and ice can bother them. It can actually hurt their paws. Fortunately, there are other products that are safer for your pets.
  • Animals aren’t the only ones that don’t appreciate some de-icing products. Your lawn and other parts of your landscape can be negatively affected by those materials. Plus, your sidewalk and driveway can be affected too!
  • Preparation. You never know when that storm is going to dump inches of snow that might wreak havoc. You could be snowed in. So it is wise to have plenty of food, gas, shovels, whatever else you might need to get that snow removed. You might even want to get a generator — just in case. You know what else would come in handy in that situation — our phone number!
  • Don’t fight the snow if you don’t have to. This is probably the easiest way to deal with snow removal. If you are able, just spend a day or two relaxing at home and much of that snow could melt away without you having to lift a finger. Who says snow days are just for the kids?
  • Shoveling snow can be a pretty tough workout. Similar to lifting weights or any other type of workout, you should be careful not to overexert yourself. It is pretty easy to hurt yourself (usually your back) when you are shoveling a lot of snow. This can also be risky for anyone that has heart issues or trouble breathing. One way to limit this would be to invest in a snowblower. Or, you could always call Spring Falls to take care of it for you!
  • If you are going to take care of it yourself, be smart and make sure you are dressed appropriately.
  • Break up your shoveling. If you are in the midst of a large storm system, it will be much easier to go out and shovel a few inches at a time rather than waiting until the snow is done and having one enormous project on your hands. It is recommended to remove snow about 4-6 inches at a time so it is a manageable project.
  • Something that will help that you can do in advance is to mark certain parts of your property so you will know exactly what snow needs to be moved and where it should go. You don’t want to waste your time and effort shoveling snow that is in your grass because you were not exactly sure where the line between grass and driveway is.
  • You should make an effort to avoid creating walking paths through your lawn during the winter. Sure, it’s nice to follow the same path that has already been made so you don’t get snow in your shoes. However, you might be regretting it because doing this repeatedly can cause damage to or even kill grass that is dormant.

What We Do

Following these tips should help make your life easier with the snow flies. But if you really want to make your Idaho Falls snow removal easy, give us a call and let us do it for you. Here is a quick look at what we do when it comes to Idaho Falls snow removal.

We know that you don’t want to get up hours earlier than normal to clear snow from your home or business sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Our seasoned crew specializes in snow removal services and is happy to take care of it for you. We do the following:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Sand & Salt Application
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Ice Melt Application
  • Skidster Loaders
  • Snow Relocation
  • Ice Removal
  • General Snow Removal Services

Spring Falls Landscaping has top of the line equipment and the best trucks available to take care of the deepest Idaho Falls snow removal jobs. Allow us to help you with snow removal so you can focus on the things you really want to be doing. Contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and offer free estimates on our snow removal services.