August Landscaping Advice

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Don’t look now, but the end of summer is right around the corner. We’ve only got a couple of weeks left to squeeze in anything that is left on our summer bucket list. This goes for your landscaping too. In just a few weeks, the cool fall weather will be here. But what needs to be done with your landscaping before that happens? Keep reading for a few suggestions to help your landscaping stay looking great through the fall.

Lawn Maintenance

Planning to plant grass seed in the fall? Get a head start on it by leveling any high or low areas, pulling weeds, and making sure that you get your seed ordered so it is available when the time is right.

Aeration is always something you should consider. What is it? It is a process of creating small holes in the ground so air, water, and necessary nutrients can get down to the roots of the grass. This will help the roots to grow deeper and give you a healthier lawn. It will also help with thatch. Thatch is a dead layer of living and dead organic matter that occurs between green matter and the soil surface. This creates a good environment for pests, diseases, and poor growing conditions. You don’t want that! If you are not on a maintenance program with Spring Falls Landscaping, and you think that you may have a problem, call for an appointment. We will be happy to look at your lawn and give you some solutions.

Fertilizing can help too! For most grasses around Idaho Falls, they should be fertilized early in the spring, late in the summer and again in the fall. If you have a trusty weatherman, it is helpful for the fertilizer to be applied a couple of days before it rains. We tailor our fertilization to your specific needs. We have three lawn care options for you to choose from.

One more tip … you can help your grass battle the heat by raising the height of your lawnmower so the grass isn’t cut quite so short.

Tree And Shrub Maintenance

Spring Falls Landscaping tree and shrub care will control insects and disease in your woody plants while providing the nutrients your plants need. Our program has proven to be successful. Unlock your landscape potential from pests by signing up for our program. But in the meantime, here are some things you can try on your own.

  • If you have fruit trees, make sure to get rid of any fruit that has fallen onto the ground. This can help to limit the number of insects around the tree.
  • Be sure that any new shrubs or trees have plenty of water.
  • Give your trees extra support and shaping by installing stakes.

More Landscaping Tips

We know it is hot. Everything needs water — and lots of it. The ideal time for watering is early in the morning. Be sure to wet your plants directly and completely. You might be tempted to give them a quick spray or soaking your containers later in the day when it gets really hot, but this can actually burn plants.

If you have water features, birdbaths, or other landscaping features — be sure to check on them regularly to make sure that there is no mold, stagnation, or mosquito larvae.

Regularly weeding will allow for more of the water and nutrients to go where you want them to go — the plants and grass in your landscaping.

In general, when the temperature reaches 85 degrees or higher, you should not put out any chemicals like fertilizer or insecticide.

You can help keep your garden cool and increase its ability to retain moisture and get it ready for planting in the fall by adding compost and mulch.

Spring Falls Landscaping

We know how to create beautiful property through landscaping design. We take our responsibility — to clearly identify the image in your mind and translate that first into a concept, second a plan, and finally into reality — seriously. With a little research, you will find that we are your top choice among landscaping companies in Idaho Falls. We do everything from a small refurbishment and continued landscape maintenance to complete landscape design concepts; walking paths, patios, driveways, water features, retaining walls, fencing, irrigation, landscape lighting, grading, Hydroseeding and shrubs, and trees. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information or even request a free consultation.