Landscaping Tips For Weed Control

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For many people, the garden is the centerpiece of their landscaping. Keeping your garden looking great can mean a lot of time spent weeding. It doesn’t have to be that way. Spring Falls Landscaping has all of your fertilization and weed control needs covered. With 3-5 applications, we can help you have a healthy and beautiful lush green lawn that resists harmful diseases and insects.

But if you want to take on those weeds on your own, here are some ways that have proven to make a difference in controlling the weeds in a garden. Then you’ll be able to spend much less time pulling those pesky weeds and much more time enjoying your landscaping.

Don’t Wake The Weeds

Did you know that your entire garden is filled with weeds? You may not because just the top couple of inches of your soil are getting the necessary light to begin the germination process for the weeds. But when you start digging and moving soil around, some those weeds that are buried further down can move to the surface and grow from there. Keep this in mind anytime you begin to impact your soil. The less soil that you disturb, the fewer weeds you’ll likely have to deal with. Once you are done playing in the dirt, cover that spot with plants or mulch.

When you are dealing with weeds in your lawn, it can help to use a tool like a knife to cut the roots of the dandelions or other weeds that are in the grass. This way, you can eliminate the source of food for the weeds and avoid trying to dig them out.

Use Mulch

Speaking of mulch. It does a world of good for your plants. It helps keep the soil cool and moist. Plus, it keeps the sunlight away from the weeds below. Be sure to select a good kind of mulch. Some might be a good host for insects that will eat a huge portion of weed seeds. Others might actually be laced with weed seeds.

About two inches deep is the right amount of mulch. Remember that if your mulch is too deep it can prevent the oxygen from getting into the soil. A good addition to your mulch would be a light covering on the surface of the soil. Something like a layer of newspaper or cardboard with the mulch on top of it can be very effective against weeds.

Weed At The Right Time

Choosing the proper time to remove weeds can save yourself a lot of headaches. Damp, soft soil will make your weeding life easier. A good pair of gloves and comfortable sitting pad are essentials for doing this when it is wet in the soil. You may even try using a fork to help twist out some of the less cooperative ones.

When the ground is dry, you can slice the weeds slightly below the soil and they should shrivel up and die. This works better with a sharp edge. An old steak knife is great for this tactic.

Cut Off Their Heads

When removing the weeds is not possible, the next best option is to slice off their heads. Doing this will give you some time before the seed rain starts. This will help to limit the weeds from spreading.


There are guidelines to follow for each plant when it comes to the spacing between them. In the majority of these cases, you can cut that spacing down by about 20 percent and eliminate some of that space for weeds to grow. However, you don’t want to try this with plants that are susceptible to foliar disease.

Correct Watering

It is possible to water your plants and prevent the weeds from getting any of that moisture. You can do this with drip or soaker hoses. Put the hoses underneath the mulch to effectively water your plants while leaving the weeds in a drought. This can cut your wee germination by 50 percent or more.

Get Started Now

Spring is the best time to give your lawn a boost with fertilizer and start the battle against the weeds. The sooner this is done, the better equipped your lawn and garden will be to handle the summer heat to come during the next few months. Contact Spring Falls Landscaping today and schedule your expert lawn care services. Give us a call for a free consultation to see what will be the best option to meet your landscape maintenance Idaho Falls needs.