Landscape Maintenance Idaho Falls

Landscape maintenance Idaho Falls

Now that the snow is gone (at least for now), it is time to get to work on your lawn. Springfalls Landscaping is here to help! We know that each landscape is different and requires different landscaping maintenance. This includes your lawn.

Fertilizing your lawn creates a healthy beautiful lush green lawn. The result is a healthy lawn which resists harmful diseases and insects. Fertilizer treatments can vary depending on location. Usually 3 to 5 applications are needed per year, these treatments supply all the nutrients needed to maintain a vigorous turf, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Iron and Sulfur.

Lawn Care Options

We tailor our fertilization to your specific needs. We have three lawn care options for you to choose from.

  • Budget Master: Lowest price with quality — This plan includes 4 applications. Three fertilizer applications with weed control and one bill bug application.
  • Standard: Covering all the bases — This plan includes 5 applications. Four fertilizer applications with weed control and one bill bug application. This plan also includes our satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we offer the following services: tree & shrub applications, aeration, spider barriers and sprinkler service.
  • Premium: Our most inclusive package — This plan includes 6 applications. Five fertilizer applications with weed control and one bill bug application. This plan also includes our satisfaction guarantee, 3 tree & shrub applications, 3 spider barriers and contact prior to service. In addition, we offer the following services: aeration and sprinkler service.

Tree & shrub applications include environmentally friendly dormant oil, insect spray and deep root fertilization. Aeration promotes rhizome root movement and better water penetration to the roots. Spider barriers include spring, summer and fall spider control. Our sprinkler service includes spring start-ups, repairs and winter blowout. The proper care of your lawn is an important part of landscape maintenance Idaho Falls. Here are a few suggestions to help you get your lawn looking great.

Get Everything Ready

Once the snow has melted away, you’ll want to take a walk through your yard and inspect the grass. You may find that some areas have become matted down through the winter. This can be caused by large piles of snow, lots of foot traffic and/or snow mold. Once the area is dry, grab a rake and softly fluff up that grass. If you try this when the grass is still wet, it could pull right out.

This is also a great time to inspect your lawn mower and any other equipment or tools that you plan to use in the yard. Make sure they have the proper oil, things are clean, start them up and see if they are running as they should.

What About Aerating?

Aeration can be a great benefit to your lawn if it is done at the proper time. The timing of when this should be done depends on what type of grass you have. For some grasses, you ought to wait until they start greening. Their roots will have their best growth after the temperature reaches at least 80 degrees F. Other grasses fare better when the temperatures are around 60-75 degrees F. For these grasses, now is the time to get started on your aerating plan for the best landscape maintenance Idaho Falls.

The majority of lawns will not need to be seeded in the spring. They’ll naturally improve in the next few weeks. Seeding can also lead to problems with some weeds like crabgrass or dandelions.


The spring is a time when fertilization is important. This will help accelerate your lawn waking up from a dormant winter. Recommended fertilization schedule:

  • Application #1: Early to mid-April
  • Application #2: Early June
  • Application #3: September 5-10

This fertilization schedule should be followed by humate application in spring or fall. Humate is comprised of Humic and Fulvic Acid. These acids have proved to build organic matter in soil and stimulate helpful microbial activity. Humate is hugely important for landscaping maintenance because it is essential to growing a living soil because these nutrients are often plentiful in the soil but plants cannot use them until the humate has been applied.

Give us a call for a free consultation to see what will would be the best option to meet your landscape maintenance Idaho Falls needs.