Landscape Design Idaho Falls: Retaining Walls

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We are all tired of the political debate about whether or not we should build a wall along the border of our country and the way people are divided. But one thing we can all agree on is that a retaining wall is an awesome feature for landscape design Idaho Falls.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that has been specially designed to keep soil on one side and is free-standing on the other side and to withstand the weather. In many cases, they are used to accommodate changes in elevation and slope in an uneven landscape. A well-built retaining wall can be a great asset in landscape design Idaho Falls. Your landscape design Idaho Falls will see countless benefits from an expertly constructed retaining wall. On the other hand, they can be costly if they are not built properly and fail. The tricky thing about the construction of a retaining wall is making sure it is strong enough to withstand large loads. We build retaining walls out of rock, brick, concrete, block or timber. Rock is a popular choice for a landscape designed because of the elegant, rustic appeal. Our professional team can build whatever fits into your landscape design Idaho Falls vision and budget. Here are some of the benefits of a retaining wall.


Installing a retaining wall will do wonders for your landscape design Idaho Falls. You can have something that adds a ton of appeal and beauty to your yard come to life. You can create levels gardens, tiered walkways, define entertainment areas, add additional seating areas, feature your plants and probably anything else your heart desires. A properly installed retaining wall will be there long after you are gone.


Retaining walls are bold and attractive structures for landscape designers to incorporate into a design. What could look better than the contrast of concrete or rock structure in the midst of a natural landscape? We have several options for your retaining wall material. This way we’ll be sure that your retaining wall flows naturally with the other features in your yard. Take a look at this gallery of some of our landscape projects — including retaining walls.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly is becoming more and more popular in all aspects of life. Landscape design Idaho Falls is no exception. Eco-friendly is becoming more and more popular in all aspects of life. Landscape design Idaho Falls is no exception. A retaining wall is more efficient than a normal concrete wall and allows for more natural runoff of water. The use of a retaining wall in landscape design Idaho Falls is becoming more common because of the lack of impact on the environment and how well they fit the natural landscape.

It’s A Great Deal

A retaining wall is more than just a functional, great-looking part of landscape design Idaho Falls. You get a tremendous return on your investment. They will completely transform your yard while adding value to your home. It’s a win-win. If you end up deciding to sell, a future buyer of your home will have plenty of options — making your home more attractive than others that are on the market.

Very Little Maintenance

One reason some homeowners tend to shy away from landscape design Idaho Falls is the time it takes to maintain a great-looking landscape. Another plus for retaining walls — little maintenance required! A professionally installed retaining wall that is built from the right materials will not require you to do much to keep them up. We use materials that are designed to take on all seasons and all weather.

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Now that we know why a retaining wall is such a benefit to landscape design Idaho Falls, let’s get your project started. The team of landscape designers at Spring Falls Landscaping will help you create a visually pleasing retaining wall landscape that you’ll be proud of. Beginning with the initial consultation, our creative designer will envision your plan. The process begins with a conceptual design that is then used to create a final design. That’s when the exciting transformation of your landscape begins. We are sure to keep client involvement throughout the entire process. Contact us today to get your retaining wall project started!