Idaho Falls Landscape Design Tips

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You want a great-looking landscape at your home or office? Start with a great landscape design that adds value and beauty to your property. Idaho Falls landscape design is a specialty of Spring Falls Landscaping. We’ll help your vision become a reality. In the meantime, here are some tips to get you started on your Idaho Falls landscape design ideas.

Access For Equipment

Depending on what kind of project you have in mind, some large equipment could be involved. You will want to make sure that you are anticipating what that will require in the future. If you do not have a plan for heavy equipment to access your property, when the time comes, you’ll probably have to tear out plants, trees or a fence to get the job done.

Choose Your Focal Points

What is a focal point? It is what attracts the eye of the viewer. This could be a iconic tree, statue or anything really. The important thing is to have something that is a little bit different than the rest of your Idaho Falls landscape design. A great focal point should have a connection to the rest of your landscape and also stand out from the rest of your landscape. This can be through shape, color or scale. One way to highlight your focal points is with landscape lights. This can increase the attractiveness of your property, while showcasing your focal points.

Year-Round Appeal

You can have constant cover and color with evergreen shrubs that keep their leaves or needles all during the year. Putting these type of plants near your home will help to soften the vertical lines of the house. This will create a more inviting appearance.

Some Curves Are Good

Adding curves to your garden or a pathway can make your yard more interesting and attractive. As long as it isn’t overdone. Subtle curves are usually the best way to go. For example, adding a large curve to a walk path might look nice, but it would lead you out of the way of your destination.

Idaho Falls landscaping designKeep It Moving

One of the best ways to add life to your Idaho Falls landscape design is with movement. Use things like water features, flowers and fruit plants to attract birds and butterflies to your environment. Even a small water feature that just stands by itself on your patio can look like it belongs. Just be sure not to make it with too many elements or it will be too busy and detract from your desired result.

Home Accents

Any home can benefit from an accent or two that help it blend in with the surroundings. Again, don’t go overboard here. You don’t want to hide your home with too many trees or shrubbery. No matter the size, your home is going to have an interesting feature. Our Idaho Falls landscape design will help you highlight it.

Consider All Options

It can be easy to overlook existing features of your landscape. Maybe you even view them as an obstacle that you have to work around. Not so fast, my friend. Incorporate them into your design plan. Try to examine what it might look like if they are removed. You might find that you have many more options that you thought.

Put Them Where They Go

Be sure you carefully consider the location of any plant life you want to use. How much sun will this spot get? How much moisture? Is it protected from the elements? You also need to consider the characteristics of each plant. Is it fast-growing? How much pruning and maintenance is required? How much spacing is needed for proper air circulation and to prevent fungus and insect issues.

Spring Falls Landscaping

You don’t need a huge budget to create an exceptional landscape. When it is done with well thought out planning of your Idaho Falls landscape design. With Spring Falls Landscaping, from the initial consultation, our creative designers begin to envision your plan. The design process begins with a conceptual design phase and then proceeds to a final design — identifying specific features, plant materials and more. Once the design is complete, the exciting transformation of your landscape takes place. Throughout the process, client involvement is encouraged to ensure that the final design reflects your ideal dream outdoor landscape. Contact us today to get your Idaho Falls landscape design started!